Letters to the Editor

  • Don’t Support Criminals In The Name Of The Second Amendment

    To the Editor: I'm from Louisiana. Less than two hours southwest of Duck Dynasty territory, to be exact, in a little town called Many. I grew up with guns. My dad had guns, my mother had a gun, my brother had a gun. I ate every kind of animal you can name. So here's my take on gun safety. Hate to tell ya'll this, but anyone who does not support universal background checks supports criminals. And anyone who does support straw sales and loopholes, well, you support criminals as well.

  • Gun Confiscation Leads To Genocide

    Mr Loerzel suggested last week in his letter that I perhaps move to some other “civilized society” where there is no gun ownership and “considerable less gun violence.” Gun confiscation leads to genocide. Here are the historical facts. The following are “civilized” countries that confiscated guns from the populace and the resulting murders that followed: Turkey 1915-1917 1.5 million dead; Soviet Union 1929-1953 20 million dead; Nazi Germany 1933-1945 13 million dead; China 1949-1976 20 million dead; Guatemala 1960-1981 100,000 dead; Uganda 1971-1979 300,000 dead; Cambodia 1975-1979 3 million dead.

  • Many Made GameDay A Success

    To The Editor: I would like to thank all of the people who helped make Saturday’s “GameDay at Newtown” event to help benefit the Jessica Rekos Memorial Fund possible. First, a thank you to my co-workers Rece Davis, Digger Phelps and Jay Bilas for donating their time during the busiest part of the college basketball season.

  • Doing The Right Thing

    To the Editor: On March 26, I submitted a letter to the editor titled “The Right Thing to Do.” On March 30, the police officers received a memo from First Selectman Llodra dated March 25, 2012 as an attachment in an e-mail from Chief Kehoe. In the memo, Mrs. Llodra apologizes for not formally communicating her appreciation to the members of the Newtown Police Department sooner. She assumed they knew that she supports the department and expressed her appreciation for their role in the community.

  • Don’t Tar All Elected Officials With The Same Brush

    To the Editor: I was greatly relieved to read the headline “Mr Duffy’s Extremist and Reactionary View” over Randi Allen Kiely’s excellent letter of March 27 concerning a previous letter printed by The Bee with the headline “Elected Officials Are Fundamentally Dishonest”(Letter Hive, 1/11/13). I spent a long time writing my own response to the original letter, because the headline was so provocative, and so insulting to officials who work hard to attain office, only to be subjected to such inflammatory words. I was taught never to use generalizations, and to tar all elected officials with the same brush is an outrage.

  • Pulling Together

    To the Editor: A community is like an extended family in many ways: a large, assorted group of people in close proximity who care about each other to different degrees and have a vested interest in working and living together in harmony, sometimes despite their differences. Newtown is a family in grief now. As such, we have embraced each other more closely and joined in a common effort to prevent future tragedy. As anger and frustration bubble up inside us in this aftermath, though, our interactions can become more complicated.

  • A Great Location For Healing

    To the Editor: Last Saturday, the “Open Mic”event at the Healing Newtown Through the Arts Center was a total treat on a number of levels. The presentations were as varied as the ages and genres of the performers. Musicians of all sizes, shapes, energies, backgrounds, and proficiencies gathered to share their gifts and their commitment to the underlying expressed purpose of “healing.” Mission accomplished.

  • Questioning Beliefs

    To the Editor: The demonstration last Thursday in front of the NSSF headquarters attracted many counter-demonstrators as well as NAA [Newtown Action Alliance] activists. I took the opportunity to approach some NSSF supporters to discover what elements of gun safety legislation would be acceptable to them. I was curious to find out the reasoning of one young man who was holding a sign that read, “NAA protesting against NSSF is like MADD protesting A.A.” The short answer is that the NSSF promotes gun safety and provides training for proper handling of firearms. I continued the discussion by asking the gentleman if he was a member of the NRA to which he answered that he was. “Why doesn’t the NRA support universal background checks?” He wasn‘t able to say and added that he did not agree with everything the NRA does.

  • A Pragmatic Approach To Fund Disbursement

    To the Editor: In the New York Times on March 24th, Will Rogers is quoted as saying, “this will be a thankless job”, in regards to disbursing the $10.2M fund collected by the United Way. First, I would like for Mr Rogers to publicly apologize to all the people who donated to that fund for his insensitive remark.

  • In Appreciation Of The Police

    To the Editor: I think that appreciation for the Newtown Police Department has never been as high as it is now after the events of 12/14. Having been thrust into a situation for which there is no adequate preparation and having to live with the aftermath on a day-to-day basis goes way beyond what would be considered normal professional duties.