Letters to the Editor

  • A Great Opportunity For Newtown

    To the Editor: This letter is in response to the Sandy Hook Stables article [“Main Man Proposes Large-Scale Horse Facility In Town”] dated June 28 in The Bee. I wholeheartedly support the idea of this private venture and I humbly ask the editor of The Newtown Bee to get behind this grassroots effort and endorse the project because it can help the town in multiple ways.

  • Rescind The Tax Hike!

    To the Editor: Is this the way the town of Newtown treats its citizenry? By jacking up their taxes to stratospheric levels because they made a mistake years ago? How can you justify over $7,000 dollars in taxes for property that's just a quarter of an acre and sits 40 feet from one of the state's busiest highways, Route 84, without a sound barrier that the town has done absolutely nothing about!

  • Many Helped Make The Carnival A Success

    To the Editor: On behalf of Saint Rose Parish, I want to thank everyone who supported and attended our Annual Parish Carnival. We were truly blessed with five “rain-free” nights, incredible parish volunteers and a dedicated group of men and women who coordinated the event for us. The presence of the Newtown Police Department gave a feeling of safety and security to our volunteers and guests.

  • Instrumental To Success

    To the Editor: I was negligent in not mentioning Gino Faiella in the interview on the Technical Advisory Committee. [“Task Force Tech Team Reveals Details of School Site Selection,” Letter Hive, 6/21/13.] Gino is the Director of Facilities and was instrumental in the success of the Technical Advisory Committee. His knowledge of the schools and all their systems enabled the team to design and budget the prototype school in an incredibly tight time frame.

  • Long May They Wave

    To the Editor: On behalf of SHOP (Sandy Hook Organization for Prosperity) I would like to thank Bill Halstead and Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue company for offering to purchase and install new American Flag kits for Sandy Hook center.

  • Queen Street Has Important Friends

    To the Editor: The Police Commission, who approved five speed bumps on Queen Street, and Pat Llodra, who authorized their installation, have done a huge disservice to Newtown. It has negatively changed the character of the Borough and Newtown forever. The number of bumps is a clear indication that the primary objective was to divert auto, truck and bus traffic off Queen Street, not speed.

  • Another Successful Rabies Vaccine Clinic

    To the Editor: On June 15th the town clerk's office sponsored its 28th Annual Low Cost Rabies Clinic. A very special thank you to Dr. Rakesh Vali, DVM and his Assistant Mary Thompson of Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital for donating their time that morning to vaccinate over 60 pets in under two hours. They are always so gentle and patient with the animals.

  • The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Bump

    Queen Street now has speed bumps in place. The amount of money and resources put into the Queen Street bumps in the road is indicative of the ultimate in the “squeaky wheel syndrome”! You know, the one that gets the grease. The money spent on studies, police crackdowns, more traffic studies, legislative time (which is money), only serves a portion of the town. Why should my tax dollars be spent to answer the prevailing winds of but a fraction of the town and borough, and not have the safety of the roads of the entire borough and town analyzed? This questionable traffic flow resolution is now inhaling steroids and must be tested for abuse. More bumps in the road? Really? Are we creating a Baja off-road test track? Why has there been no town referendum on this expenditure? In this time of fiscal concerns and budget defeats, it seems odd to spend more dollars on additional bumps in the road, when the issue seems to have been resolved by the existing bumps? Have the bumps failed?

  • Newtown Youth Needed in Oklahoma

    To the Editor: Ben’s Lighthouse, the organization that hosted the recent Lighthouse Festival, is committed to community service as part of its three-pronged approach to supporting the youth of Newtown in the recovery from the tragic events of December. By helping others, our children strengthen their own resolve to move forward.

  • To Our Unthinking Hedonist Elected Leaders

    (The following letter has been emailed to Barack Obama, Dick Blumenthal, Elizabeth Esty, John Boehner, Chris Murphy, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.) Currently, you folks in congress are negotiating an immigration bill. Choreographed by the President, you’ve decided this is of utmost importance. The 11 million people in this country illegally got here mostly because you and your predecessors have refused to secure our border. Most of you claim illegal aliens need to be identified and placed on a path to citizenship….gotta happen now, can’t wait.