Letters to the Editor

  • Thanks To The Volunteers

    To the Editor: The Newtown High School Library Media Center would like to publicly thank our community volunteers for the many hours they contributed this past school year. Our volunteers are Roberta Ahuja, Barbara French, and Mark Malia. Their services have been invaluable, and we gratefully acknowledge their commitment to our school.

  • The Police Commission’s Costly Obsession With Queen Street

    To the Editor: What started as a legitimate effort to calm traffic on Queen Street has now turned into a fiasco. First two speed bumps, then three, and now five are planned. Ten-mile-an-hour speed signs were posted. Now we learn that the Police Commission wants to make sure no driver can go more than 25 MPH in between the speed bumps. Do any other roads in Newtown have that objective?

  • Another Successful Lobsterfest

    To the Editor: The officers and members of Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue Co. would like to thank our family, friends, fellow firefighters, residents of Newtown and out-of-town guests for helping to make our 26th annual Lobsterfest a success. The rain did not hold people away on Friday night, as it remained steady. Saturday was busy, but we were able to feed the entire crowd.

  • A Thank You To Newtown Students

    To the Editor: This Thursday has been declared “Thank You Thursday” by Newtown High School’s Principal’s Advisory Council (PAC). PAC would like the entire school to take an opportunity to say thank you to someone who has impacted them in a positive way. This is my thank you to Newtown students.

  • Second Amendment Needs An Update

    To the Editor: I have tried, it seems in vain, to explain to some folks the need for changing the language of the Second Amendment. This time I will examine the question in such terms that even a caveman can understand me. If asking an NRA follower if everyone should be allowed atomic weapons, he would probably say that I have lost it. Well certainly if not atomic weapons, then we should be allowed to keep tanks. But that is not practical or possible would be the reply. Then how about machine guns, laser weapons or tasers. Ah, they would say this we can discuss. But no, we can’t. They have just been asked to draw a line somewhere as to which weapons would be ok and which are not. In other words, there is a line which we cannot cross as a civilized people without causing possibly all kinds of havoc.

  • Obama Ignores The Constitution

    To the Editor: A few years ago the Democrat Party had as their central message the trampling of the Constitution by the Republicans. The good news is that at least the Republicans knew we had a Constitution. I don’t think anyone in the White House knows that document is still in existence. Obama has presided over an IRS that is engaged in the profiling of Tea Party organizations and a Justice Department that has decided to dig into the telephone records of the press. We can forget his former Secretary of State, saying, “What difference does it make…” when asked to comment on the loss of American lives at an embassy?

  • School Enrollment Declines, But Not School Expenses

    To the Editor:Our First Selectman Pat Llodra and John Reed’s letter asking people to support the school budget lacks important facts and important information while appealing to people’s emotions. It also violates federal law called “The Hatch Act” whereby government workers (those paid by taxpayers) are not supposed to lobby for increased spending and bigger government. The appropriate person to ask for school budget support is the chairman of the school board.But since President Obama ignores most of our laws and our US Constitution in favor of his personal opinions, why shouldn’t everyone else?

  • This Is Not The Year To Gamble

    To the Editor: We are about to endeavor on our third budget referendum, but the first time that we have a bifurcated budget and will be voting for the education budget only. This is uncharted territory for our town. This year we have also gone into uncharted territory as to how to best plan for the many unknowns that 12/14 will bring to Newtown while still maintaining the level of excellence that we have come to expect in Newtown’s schools. We have an exceptional school system; a school system that makes Newtown attractive to families. Newtown is our home...

  • Joining The New Information Revolution

    To the Editor: As we approach the next referendum on the education budget, it would seem appropriate we consider why the budget was voted down on two previous occasions. Many residents in Newtown are wondering about the reason why we were asked last time to answer same two questions about the budget being too high or too low. I thought they got their answer in the first budget vote. Are they going to insult our intelligence and ask the same questions?

  • Getting The Facts About Backyard Shooting

    To the Editor: In a comment posted in response to Eric Poupon’s recent letter [“Target Shooting Needs To Be About Safety,” Letter Hive, May 21, 2013], the writer urged Newtowners who find living amid backyard target ranges objectionable to “Get your facts straight and or [sic] don't move in next to an active range and then start complaining.” But how are we to know where these backyard shooting ranges are?