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Type 'O' Blood Supplies Needed



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Type ‘O’ Blood Supplies Needed

FARMINGTON — The American Red Cross is renewing its call for all eligible donors within blood group O (O-positive and O-negative) to volunteer to give blood as soon as possible.

Despite a similar call for group O donors just two weeks ago, the inventory of blood type O-positive has fallen below one-half of one day’s supply at the Red Cross facility in Farmington. Blood type O-negative is in slightly better shape, with just over one-half of one day’s supply. A three-day supply is considered a “safe” threshold by current Red Cross standards.

Across the nation, supplies of group O are short, further curtailing Connecticut’s ability to import O-positive and O-negative from the National Inventory Management System of the American Red Cross. It’s up to Connecticut blood donors – especially those within blood group O – to step forward now to help hospital patients in need.

As the universal donor, it is imperative that blood type O-negative is on the shelves of every trauma hospital in Connecticut. This is especially important for accident victims suffering from serious blood loss. Blood type O-negative can relatively safely be transfused into anyone on a moment’s notice, even without knowing the blood type of the accident victim, thus saving or prolonging their life.

As for O-positive, the need for this blood type really comes down to the basic economic principle of supply and demand. More of the population (37.5 percent) has blood type O-positive. Therefore, the need for O-positive is higher than for any other blood type.

Volunteer blood donors of any blood type are welcome at any American Red Cross blood drive in Connecticut. Right now, however, the need is especially strong for blood group O.

Donors must be at least 17 years old, weigh at least 110 pounds, and be in generally good health. Call 800-GIVE-LIFE to make an appointment. That’s 800/448-3543, or check the Web site at www.bloodct.org.

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