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Confused By Medicare? Get Some Assistance



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Confused By Medicare?

Get Some Assistance

To the Editor:

Recently I have noticed State Senator Chris Murphy telling reporters that seniors keep calling his office because they don’t understand the Medicare Part D prescription drug program. Instead of acting like a responsible public servant, Murphy is using seniors as a political tool to scare them into believing that the program is not working. Since he won’t help the seniors, I will.

Seniors who have questions about the Medicate Prescription Drug Program can call the Department of Social Services CHOICES toll free number at 800-994-9422. A trained counselor will help you walk through the process and make thing easy for you. Also, you can call 800-MEDICARE, or ask your local senior center director for help. There are many people waiting to help seniors enroll this important program.

So far 5.4 million seniors have signed up over the past three months and they are saving real money. Take your time, get some assistance, and don’t listen to the naysayer wanting the program to fail for partisan political reasons.

James J. Smith

2 Little Brook Lane, Newtown                                February 27, 2006

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