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Something Lovely For Mother Nature



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To the Editor:The Bee for publishing an important editorial last week (April 28, 2017) about the importance of pollinators.www.propollinators.org.

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The editorial talks about "balancing our vision of beauty with nature's own vision." This is exactly the essence of the new paradigm. From a gardener's standpoint, the old paradigm is "Let's create something beautiful," which is a laudable goal. But the new paradigm is "Let's create something which is beneficial to nature - which by the way can be beautiful as well," a better goal which recognizes a responsibility to the natural world and all its creatures.

This shift in our thinking would result in a number of things that might include: planting native species, planting pollinator gardens, eliminating or reducing pesticide usage, reading labels of lawn care chemicals, asking landscapers to use organic lawn care methods, etc.

The above actions will help to create a healthier yard where bees and other pollinators can thrive. The importance of such pollinators cannot be overemphasized as world food supplies depend on them. As the need for food is increasing across the globe, the populations of pollinators are decreasing. In our own state, Dr Kimberly Stoner, Connecticut Agricultural Extension Service, reports that Connecticut beekeepers lost 57 percent of their honey bee colonies in 2015.

These bees and other pollinators are at the mercy of forces they cannot control: reduction of habitat, diseases and viruses, and increasing use of pesticides including neonicotinoids, which are toxic to bees. In addition, it is likely that these pesticides reduce the bees' immune systems, leaving them more vulnerable to other environmental and cultural stressors.

So then for gardeners, balancing beauty and Mother Nature shouldn't be difficult. It just requires that shift in thinking and maybe a little planning. Creating something lovely that is in tune with nature would be a great Mother's Day gift to Mother Nature.

For more information on pollinators and how you can help, please see

Mary Gaudet-Wilson

Protect Our Pollinators

12 Whippoorwill Hill Road, Newtown         May 2, 2017

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