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Don't Cut Full-Day Kindergarten



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Don’t Cut Full-Day


To the Editor:

I am the father of a son who will be starting kindergarten next year. My vote for or against future iterations of the budget (and those of my wife and in-laws) will completely depend on whether full-day kindergarten remains included in the budget. Selfishly, I want full-day kindergarten for my son; my wife and I think he needs it. Anecdotally, the teachers want it.

As I understand the current situation, the Legislative Council wants to retain full-day kindergarten and cut $1 million from school administration costs. The school board and Dr Robinson have effectively yanked full-day kindergarten off the table. In other words, administration (such as an extra vice principal) is being given preference over actually putting hundreds of kids in classrooms to learn for three more hours a day. That’s pathetic. Where is the leadership?

Full-day kindergarten will be required beginning in 2014 as part of federally mandated standards that Connecticut has adopted. This is something that needs to get done. If not this year, when we have the $500,000 windfall that came from the bus contract, then when? Just about every other neighboring town has already implemented full-day. The Board of Ed and Dr Robinson need to get out the knife, cut some administrative expenses, appease the budget hawks, and make full-day kindergarten happen.


Russell Anderson

91 Great Ring Road, Sandy Hook                                 April 25, 2012

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