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Empowering Consumers Through Lawful Means



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That the powerful have no qualms about wielding power over the common person is nothing new. Those in power have always used ego and cunning to raise themselves up (in their opinions) to higher heights. Trampling on the “lowly” is a characteristic that has been pushed back against for thousands of years. The successes seem miniscule in relation to the energy put forth by those unafraid to trounce morality and embrace greed.

Consumers in Connecticut are fortunate to have a fighter in their corner, with William Tong as the Attorney General. Starting his swing through the state of editorial boards, The Newtown Bee was pleased to host the AG on July 8. Mr Tong gave a hour-plus of his time to editors at our paper — and hearing the long list of actions his office has under its belt, that hour did feel generous.

Mr Tong emphasized his primary role of protecting consumers in the state. The litigation undertaken by his office focuses on individuals and businesses who prey upon residents, running roughshod over laws for their own profit. The number of people taken in, for example, by fraudulent phone scams alone is remarkable, according to our AG.

Demanding that pharmaceutical companies accept and pay for damages caused by false promotions and exorbitant pricing of common drugs and thwarting businesses that fleece the innocent are among his top priorities.

Mr Tong has also assured that Connecticut weighs in on federal wrongdoings that could be costly in dollars or policies that threaten the Constitution. The effect of a citizenship question on the upcoming census would have resulted in the loss of federal dollars to the state; so yes, that was of concern. When Congress votes that money for an item not be allocated, it is, as Mr Tong pointed out, a threat to our Constitution if the president disregards the word of Congress. Moving money from other departments can trickle down to a loss of funding in our state. Questionable moves at the federal level create issues at state and local levels. That Mr Tong’s office recognizes this and is willing to advocate for right over wrong is not only the job of his office, but one that should have the support of every person.

Powerful people and powerful businesses have the potential for corruption. We see it worldwide, at every level. Businesses operating lawfully have nothing to fear from this AG. Legitimate businesses will rally around our top law enforcement officer in making unlawful businesses toe the line. One bad apple can spoil the whole barrel.

We have an Attorney General in place who is unafraid to tackle issues that consumers do not have the wherewithal, money, or time to tackle themselves.

His laundry list is long, and it grows longer every day. This is an Attorney General, though, who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and scrub away at dirt that soils our daily lives.

Find out more about Mr Tong’s successes, formal opinions, or file a complaint at portal.ct.gov/ag. The office of the Attorney General welcomes consumer interaction.

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