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Political Dialogue Welcomed



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Political Dialogue Welcomed

To the Editor:

I would like to welcome Newtown’s newest political party. I watched the formation of the NICE Party with great interest. I sincerely hope that the party will contribute to the issues dialogue during the campaign.

I hope that the party is not like the third parties formed by high profile individuals elsewhere. These parties have served only to promote the founder and not to serve the people. If the party is to be about the issues, I will be happy to have them join the discussion. If the new party is about the new style of attack politics we see too often in places like Washington and Hartford, then we don’t need that in Newtown.

I think we Democrats have a terrific slate of candidates led by Herb and Joe and I promise you they will provide a strong campaign based solely on the issues.

Earl J. Smith, Jr

Chair, Newtown Democratic Town Committee

5 Serenity Lane, Sandy Hook                                      August 1, 2001

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