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Newtown Based Nonprofit To Begin Offering Interfaith Worship Services



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Love Has a Home, Inc, is on a mission. A mission inspired from a need to address the daily negativity and intolerances that plague children, families, communities, and the world. A mission to promote love within the local community and beyond.

President and Executive Director the Rev Bill Donaldson says Love Has A Home was founded in a moment of inspiration during a daily commute.

“I began to notice a great deal of signage carrying anti-hate messages. While the intention was noble, the focus was on the very thing we want to eliminate,” he said. “I knew there had to be a more positive way to address the issue.”

In that moment, said Donaldson, the phrase “Love has a home here” came to him, and the Love Has a Home company was born.

Fast forward nearly four years, and that mission has evolved beyond what the reverend had ever imagined. The company, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, shares the message that through the power of love, a world of compassion, kindness, peace, and a healthy, thriving planet can be created.

Two years ago, Donaldson moved the company’s headquarters to Sticks and Stones Farm, at 201 Huntingtown Road.

“I knew we were heading in a new direction,” Donaldson said. “‘Love has a home’ was no longer just a tag line, but an actual place where we could embody our mission and offer so much more. It was then that I made the decision to enter seminary to become an Interfaith minister.”

Donaldson’s purpose, he said, was to build a faith-based community founded on the idea that love has a home everywhere, “because it is within us. I truly believe love can heal the world.”

Now as the spiritual director at Sticks and Stones, Donaldson will be offering interfaith/interspiritual worship services monthly on the second and fourth Sundays at 10 am. He plans to begin the 60-minute services on September 12.

“The fastest-growing religious demographic is those who consider themselves ‘spiritual but not religious.’ Love Has a Home embraces all spiritual paths that are founded in love, and offers a home for any seeker that falls into this category,” adds Donaldson. “We will explore various paths to the divine, not just philosophically but in practice as well.”

Donaldson can be reached at 203-915-0718 or info@lovehasahome.org. He also offers spiritual direction, counseling, and retreats to anyone seeking more personal guidance. Learn more by visiting revbilldonaldson.com.

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