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Reverie Brewing Company Opens New Private Event Space



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Reverie Brewing Company, located at 57B Church Hill Road, has revamped its aging barrel room across from the main taproom to offer guests a private event space.

Co-owner/managing member Ryan Broderick said that after receiving approvals through the town, the Reverie team started work on the project in the fall of 2020.

“Before we built it into a spot that people could come as a second taproom, it was storage,” he explained.

They cleared out miscellaneous items, reconfigured their aging barrels to add to the decor while still remaining functional, and sectioned off the walk-in cooler from the public space.

There are now multiple tables with benches and seating around decorative barrels, as well as stools at the custom-made bar.

Reverie Brewing Company co-owner Frank Lockwood and friend Shane Moore built the bar by hand while Lockwood’s father, Frank Lockwood, Sr, and friend Brien Strizzi built the rustic barnwood doors at the entrance.

“We made big barn doors, so we can still get the forklift in and out,” Broderick explained.

The team also did major plumbing work while remodeling the two on-site bathrooms.

With so many construction materials being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the country, Broderick said they were fortunate to not be severely hampered. They did, however, see a price increase in wood supplies and a delay in receiving windows.

“It wasn’t too bad,” Broderick assured.

Even with those setbacks, they were able to kick off the opening of the space earlier this month. They have already had multiple private parties booked with patrons eager to utilize the space for their functions.

Broderick said the Reverie team saw the growing need for a private room for guests due to the pandemic.

“People feel a little bit safer and more willing to come out if they are in their own controlled environment. Not only that, but there was a lot of people who had weddings and events and baby showers that they didn’t get to do the last year or so, so there is a little more of a demand for that private space,” he said.

Additionally, Broderick wanted the space to accommodate parties without disrupting the core business.

“We did this as a way to have an event space and keep our main taproom always open,” he said.

The new private event space has its own entrance and is accessible through the main driveway, with parking conveniently near the building.

The room accommodates up to 50 people and has the same beloved beverages as the main taproom to delight all guests’ taste buds.

“We have eight beers on tap there and we also have a variety of offerings in cans — like our hard seltzer are all in cans and we have hard tea in cans,” Broderick said.

There is also wine and cider available.

Broderick said that if a type of beer is requested that is not on site, the main brewery is within quick walking distance and an employee can bring the beverage over, so no one misses out.

In the future, Reverie Brewing Company hopes to also utilize the new private event space for monthly or bimonthly ticketed comedy shows and small music events.

To stay up to date on future events at Reverie Brewing Company, follow the company on social media and visit its official website at reveriebrewing.com then click the events tab.

Those interested in booking a private event in the new space may fill out the “host an event” form on the website or e-mail events@reveriebrewing.com.

Reporter Alissa Silber can be reached at alissa@thebee.com.

Reverie Brewing Company, on Church Hill Road, opened its new private event space in August. It is located in the brewery’s back building next to the patio area. —Bee Photos, Silber
Reverie Brewing Company’s new private event space has multiple tables with benches, seating around decorative barrels, and stools at the custom-made bar. There are also real aging barrels tucked off to the side that elevate the ambiance.
Reverie Brewing Company’s new event space has a brand-new handcrafted bar made by co-owner Frank Lockwood and friend Shane Moore.
Next to the entrance door of the new event space is a large barn door that can be opened for additional light and air flow from outside.
On August 20, the tap list at Reverie Brewing Company’s new private event space read Redwood, Banana Stand, Barn 9, Holy Stout, Palsmarter, Out on the Brown, Man–Go On With Your Bad Self, and Reverie Dry Cider.
The new private event room has a variety of canned hard seltzers and hard teas, as well as eight beers on tap and wine and cider available.
Reverie Brewing Company’s main taproom sign has the iconic blimp logo. The team in still brainstorming a name for the new private event space and signage.
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