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Bolinsky An Advocate For Art Therapists
By Alison Trainor Cello



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To the Editor:

I have been a Newtown resident for over 12 years, including through the Sandy Hook disaster.

I am not a political person, but recently was thrilled to learn I have a caring person in state government to turn to - Newtown's State Representative Mitch Bolinsky. I'd like to share my experience with Mitch first by letting you know I have never been more impressed by a person's sincerity, devotion to public service, and the way he genuinely cares about his constituents and the issues that concern us.

I am a licensed, registered, certified art therapist (LCAT, ATR-BC) in neighboring New York State. After Sandy Hook, I wanted to volunteer and be part of the recovery but was unable to. You see, Connecticut does not license art therapists yet, unlike other progressive states. Having an LCAT ensures that the professional is a trained psychotherapist that specializes in art therapy.

Not only did Mitch listen to my desire to be able to work and heal in my home state but he, with other legislators, proposed a bill to create the needed licensure, presenting it before the committee, and continues to advocate to this end. I also helped Mitch connect with the president of the Connecticut Art Therapy Association, (CATA) and he has been working diligently to continue moving forward with legislation to set standards and establish LCAT status for trained art therapists.

Mitch Bolinsky is an asset to our neighborhood, and listens to the needs of his constituents. He is warm, friendly, and very involved with our community. I will certainly be supporting him and I hope to see you all at the polls on November 8, voting for Mitch, as well.

He is very approachable, so, when you see him, say hi. If you wait until election day, you will probably find him outside the school shaking hands, which is where I first met him and where I first realized that he is genuine, which, in this political climate, is a rarity. I urge all Newtown residents to learn more about him and join me voting for this very caring, kind person.

Thank you,

Alison Trainor Cello

LCAT, ATR-BC (Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, Art Therapist Registered, Board Certified)

3 Wedgewood Court, Newtown         October 2, 2016

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