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Candidates Will Not Engage In ‘Gotcha’ Politics



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To the Editor:

As we head into the final weeks of election season, we do so with mixed emotions. We feel much excitement and enthusiasm but also feel disappointment and even some sadness. In what should be a time of looking at candidates’ issues and how they will make meaningful contributions to the positions they are running for, instead it is being overshadowed with bullying, harassment, smear tactics, and accusations, not just of ourselves but our supporters as well. We will not participate or respond to this behavior. We have always been, and will remain, open to meaningful respectful questions in-person or via e-mail. We have always answered 100% of the questions that have been asked.

What we will not participate in are pressured attacks meant to corner us or be caught in “gotcha” moments.

All five candidates (in both parties) running for the Newtown Board of Education are volunteering their time to serve our district, and while we may at times disagree, we all want to see our schools thrive. Our community proudly proclaims, “Nicer in Newtown”; therefore, we should remain tough on issues and easy on people. Public servants, citizens of voting status, and certainly parents should model truth, dignity, and respect as Powers of Examples for our youth.

We would like to thank those who support us and those who have had an open mind and have chosen to understand why each of us have decided to run for the Board of Education and what we feel our contributions will be. We remain focused on academic accountability and ensuring that all children are not just surviving but thriving, encouraging community involvement and supporting parents’ voices. We want to provide an inclusive environment for all students regardless of race, ability, gender, economic status and encourage smart spending by keeping budget cuts as far away from the classroom as possible.

We ask that on November 2 you vote “Row B for 3” and only for Kuzma, Larkin, Ramsey.

Janet Kuzma, Jenn Larkin & Don Ramsey


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