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Lifelong Friends Supporting Ramsey



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To The Editor:

I am very happy to publicly state our endorsement of Don Ramsey for the Board of Education. My husband, Peter, is a lifelong friend of Don, having grown up in the same neighborhood and attending the same schools in Norwalk. I first met Don when he was the interim principle at Norwalk’s Wolfpit Elementary School. Our oldest daughter, Shannon, was in kindergarten.

I recently found a saved note dated 1989 that Don had sent home. It was called the Principal’s Happy Note and informed us of how well Shannon was performing in her class. What was unique about the note was his thank you for our ongoing support as her parents. It was so uplifting to get a note for something positive!

Fast forward to Newtown Middle School and we learned that our youngest daughter, Renee, was to have Don as her teacher in the tech ed class. We were thrilled! Don remained the student-focused teacher and encouraged creativity and excitement while maintaining their individuality. The students loved Don and the class.

Don will be a true asset to the Board of Education. He is fair, caring, passionate, and a great listener to both students and parents. He is truly devoted to the Newtown community.

Please vote for Don Ramsey along with Janet Kuzma and Jenn Larkin on Tuesday, November 2. They have our vote!

Janis and Peter Solheim

Sandy Hook

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