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Municipal Voting Matters



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To the Editor:

Compassionate, truthful policies matter. Continuing the diversity, equity, and inclusion policies implemented by the current Board of Education are of utmost importance in my opinion. Maintaining a Democratic majority on the Board of Education is crucial in maintaining and improving these policies. It also increases the likelihood of the continued benefit of the employment of a DEI coordinator. I believe that historical truth-telling in our schools’ curriculum, especially regarding African American and Indigenous history, will be a crucial indicator of the future health and well-being of our town, state, and nation. I have faith that the Democratic candidates, when elected to their positions, will steer us into a healthy future.

Policies ensuring safety matter. An ordinance that would ban open carry of guns on town property will be on the agenda for the newly elected Legislative Council. My expectation is that the Democrats seated at the table will support this ban, which is why I’m working hard to elect a Democratic majority onto the council. I’m 70 years old, with no children or grandchildren living in Newtown. But if I had children or grandchildren living here, I would be horrified to take my child into our town library, knowing that when he or she might look to the right or left when reaching on a shelf for a book, there could be a person standing there with a fully visible gun strapped to himself or herself.

Some will say that taking a strong stand on these topics will especially mobilize people on the far right to vote in droves. A small percentage of people in town will claim that addressing diversity in schools is an attempt to make white children feel guilty (not true), or that restricting the use of guns in any way will be a slippery slope leading to the crazy libs taking their guns away (not true). I have faith in our residents being smarter than this. I believe the vast majority of Newtown residents are compassionate, fair-minded people who understand that we can do better by having civil discussions, and by wanting a society that embraces differences and corrects injustices. I believe they also want children and adults to feel comfortable and safe on town properties, and everywhere.

Democrats have been the majority party in Newtown since November 2017. In collaboration with the Republicans, fiscal responsibility has been applauded; tax rates have remained level. I believe the Democratic policies, such as those I’ve mentioned in this letter, are supported by the vast majority of the residents in Newtown, regardless of party affiliation. There’s no need to guess about Democratic governance and principles.

Democratic, Republican, and Unaffiliated voters, you have important reasons to vote. How you and your family live your lives matters. My expressed opinions are my own, not intended to represent the Democratic Town Committee, for which I am a member.


Connie Cooper


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  1. qstorm says:

    Your ‘Truth’ is your Opinion. ‘Crazy libs’ appear to have taken root here – my Opinion.

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