Breakfast With A Bite Of Local History

Published: April 15, 2018 at 12:00 am


The Men's Club of Newtown Congregational Church held its first quarterly meeting on April 7 at My Place Restaurant.

Sixteen members of the group enjoyed breakfast Saturday morning, including NCC Senior Pastor Matthew Crebbin. They were joined by special guests Sheila Torres, operations manager of Edmond Town Hall (ETH), and Margot Hall, chair of the ETH Board of Managers.

The breakfast meetings, according to longtime member Robert Shaw, have been very successful and make for great fellowship. Each meeting's agenda covers quarterly activities and updates on donations to Feed The Children and autism organizations. Last year alone the club donated more than $2,000 to Feed The Children, which was earmarked for several west African countries due to continued famine and drought conditions, according to Mr Shaw.


SH_NCC Men's Club breakfast meeting -- full group

The Men's Club of Newtown Congregational Church conducted its first quarterly meeting of 2018 on April 7 at My Place Restaurant. Members were joined by two special guests: Edmond Town Hall Operations Manager Sheila Torres, on the left, and ETH Board of Managers Chair Margot Hall, fifth from right.


SH_NCC Men's Club breakfast meeting -- Torres laughing

Sheila Torres got a great laugh from a response to one of her questions about the history of Edmond Town Hall. Ms Torres offered a program about the historic building at 45 Main Street, which she called "the building of the community, where everyone has access to a beautiful ballroom and banquet facility modeled after the Alexandria Room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art." Following her short presentation, Ms Torres quizzed those in attendance, offering ETH Theatre movie passes as prizes.

-Bee Photos, Hicks



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