Accidents Happen

Published: December 04, 2017 at 12:00 am


To the Editor:

Today I was the lucky recipient of a fender bender. Being in an accident, no matter how small can be upsetting and troubling to those involved.

While none of us want to be involved or inconvenienced by these sorts of things, I couldn't help but take notice of how the other drivers around us were reacting to our unfortunate incident.

Some, more caring passersby, rolled down their windows and asked if we were ok, or even checking to see if we needed help, showing genuine concern. That's the kind of spirit in our town that I've come to love and appreciate. To you all I say: That's what makes me proud to call Newtown "Home."

Unfortunately there were a few less accommodating drivers who honked their horns at those kind, concerned passersby mentioned above.

There were even those who somehow managed to graciously give us advice on how to "pull out of the way" as they huffed passed us on their way to more important matters, obviously.

To them I say: Keep on driving. We can do without your kind of "help."

So, I ask that if the next time you find yourself with two cars or more pulled to the side of the road inadvertently, God forbid slowing traffic a little, please try to remember that those poor people don't want to be there any more than you want to be inconvenienced by their situation.

Remember that they may be a little flustered, and caught off guard by their current situation.
Have patience, and maybe even a little concern for them, because it could be you, next time.

To you all I say: Remember that old saying, "Accidents happen." Well, actually, it's not "accidents" happen, but you know what I mean.

Peace to all,
Shawn James
PO Box 504, Newtown         December 4, 2017

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