Adath Israel Celebrates Hanukkah With Community Menorah Lighting

Published: December 05, 2018 at 11:25 am


The lobby and gathering room at Congregational Adath Israel were filled with revelers Tuesday evening as guests of all ages enjoyed traditional Hanukkah foods after an outdoor menorah lighting ceremony marked the third night of Hanukkah.

Katherine Kohrman welcomed the group, saying she had been to C.H. Booth Library earlier in the day to make some notes for the evening’s gathering. While reading information left by fellow members of Adath Israel, who have a display of menorahs on view at the library this month, “I learned something, too,” she said.

“Tonight, we are lighting a nine-candle candelabrum, or Hanukiah,” Ms Kohrman told the group. “A seven-candle menorah is not used for Hanukkah.”

Held outside the main entrance of Congregation Adath Israel, the first part of the December 4 gathering was brief. Rabbi Barukh Schectman said a brief prayer, and then musical blessings were sung.

As the singing continued, Mark Rebb and his son Jacob lit the menorah that had been placed along the northern edge of the synagogue’s courtyard.

After additional songs were sung, Ms Kohrman passed out chocolate gelt to the children in the crowd, before inviting everyone inside for warm treats, including potato latkes and kugel, a warm sweet noodle dish. Doughnuts, applesauce, and more gelt was also available for the guests of the second annual community event at Adath Israel.

Confirmands from Newtown Congregational Church were part of those celebrating the third night of Hanukkah. Reverends Matthew Crebbin and Kristen Provost Switzer, the senior pastor and minister of youth and mission, accompanied a group of six young adults to the menorah lighting. Parents and younger siblings of the Confirmands also attended the menorah lighting, which Rev Provost Switzer said was a perfect opportunity for the young adults to learn about their Jewish neighbors.




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