Ambulance Reports | November 1-8, 2018

Published: November 09, 2018 at 12:30 pm


The dispatchers at the Newtown Emergency Communications Center at Town Hall South at 3 Main Street report the following calls for Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps:

Thursday, November 1: 10:19 am, sick/unknown, Mount Pleasant Road; 12:46 pm, breathing difficulty, South Main Street; 3:36 pm, sick/unknown, Boggs Hill Road; 4:53 pm, medical assist, South Main Street; 5:11 pm, chest pain, Mount Pleasant Road; 6:58 pm, falls/accidents, Alpine Drive; 11:54 pm, sick/unknown, Washington Square;

Friday, November 2: 4:43 pm, falls/accidents, Great Hill Road; 8:23 am, chest pain, Brookside Court; 9:48 am, unconscious/syncope, Diamond Drive; 11:15 am, sick/unknown, Watkins Drive; 2:06 pm, sick/unknown, Marlin Road; 2:15 pm, breathing difficulty, South Main Street; 3:58 pm, medical assist, Housatonic Drive; 9:52 pm, breathing difficulty, Poplar Drive;

Saturday, November 3: 1:38 am, falls/accidents, Louis Hill Road; 4:46 am, falls/accidents, Nunnawauk Road; 9:35 am, sick/unknown, Birch Hill Road; 9:51 am, falls/accidents, Nunnawauk Road; 10:23 am, breathing difficulty, Haley Lane; 12:35 pm, motor vehicle accident (MVA) with injury, I-84 West between Exits 9 and 8; 3:06 pm, headache, Toddy Hill Road; 3:09 pm, falls/accidents, Nunnawauk Road; 6:45pm, medical assist , Far Horizon Lane; 7:44 pm, abdominal, Toddy Hill Road; 8:44 pm, mental/emotional/psych, Toddy Hill Road;

Sunday, November 4: 1:25 am, seizure, Nunnawauk Road; 6:02 am, medical assist, Berkshire Road; 7:06 am, sick/unknown, Saint George Place; 9:44 am, allergic reaction, South Main Street; 4:30 pm, fall/accident, Copper Creek Circle; 4:31 pm, mental/emotional/psych, Haley Lane; 4:54 pm, breathing difficulty, South Main Street; 5:05 pm, medical assist, Mount Pleasant Road; 6:08 pm, bleeding/non-traumatic, Pinnacle Drive; 6:26 pm, sick/unknown, Mount Pleasant Road; 7:06 pm, stroke, Diamond Drive; 8:31 pm, sick/unknown, Nighthawk Lane; 10:02 pm, headache, Winter Ridge Road; 10:35 pm, seizure, Nunnawauk Road;

Monday, November 5: 12:38 am, MVA with injury, Parmalee Hill Road; 10:35 am, breathing difficulty, Queen Street; 12:01 pm, breathing difficulty, Nunnawauk Road; 1:42 pm, seizure, Main Street; 5:35 pm, sick/unknown, Clearview Drive;

Tuesday, November 6: 5:53 am, breathing difficulty, Key Rock Road; 7:24 am, MVA with injury, Berkshire Road; 8:43 am, sick/unknown, Nunnawauk Road; 9:47 am, seizure, Dock Drive; 12:11 pm, falls/accidents, Church Hill Road; 3:35 pm, sick/unknown, Boggs Hill Road;

Wednesday, November 7: 3:10 am, sick/unknown, Louis Hill Road; 5:54 am, breathing difficulty, Nunnawauk Road; 7:48 am, MVA, Berkshire Road; 7:55 am, unconscious/syncope, Far Horizon Drive; 10:41 am, breathing difficulty, Chimney Swift Drive; 1:14 pm, breathing difficulty, Queen Street; 2:42 pm, mental/emotional/psych, Ferris Road; 4:05 pm, chest pain, Canterbury Road; 6:25 pm, fall/accident, Turkey Roost Road; 9:57 pm, breathing difficulty, Mount Pleasant Road; 10:28 pm, bleeding/non-traumatic, Grand Place;

Thursday, November 8: 4:32 am, fall/accident, Ridge Road.


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