Blue And Gold Spirit Soars At NHS Pep Rally

Published: November 10, 2017 at 12:00 am


Newtown High School students filled the bleachers in the school's gymnasium at the end of the school day on November 3 for the annual pep rally ahead of the football team's homecoming game that night.

Throughout the week, spirit days were marked with students wearing themed costumes, like for "Decades Day" and "Costume Day" on October 31.

Since this year's pep rally was held indoors, the NHS Student Council organized games and challenges for students to suit the space. Near the start of the event, students in the bleachers were challenged with keeping blue and yellow balloons in the air while hitting them from one side of the bleachers to the other. The fall sports captains and seniors took part in a relay race that included balancing a volleyball on a badminton racket, rolling on scooters to the opposite side of the gym, and scoring a goal with a hockey stick. Later representatives of different student clubs and organizations faced off in a relay that had them compete at putting on different items of clothing before the other teams could do the same. Students also competed in a talent show.

The Varsity Cheerleaders and the Varsity Dance Team performed at the event, as well.

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