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Brooks Comedy To Continue Someday Cinema Series

Published: April 26, 2019 at 07:50 am


On Sunday, May 5, the Someday Cinema Series will screen Albert Brooks’s comedy Mother (1996) at 4 and 7 pm, at Edmond Town Hall, 45 Main Street. The matinee will be subtitled for the hearing impaired. Tickets for either screening are $3 each.

On the heels of his second divorce and in searching for the source of his relationship problems with women, John Henderson (Brooks) looks toward his relationship with his mother (Debbie Reynolds). It seems there are nothing but misunderstandings between them, so John decides to move back home, not giving her a choice in the matter.

To the joy of audiences, this “experiment” reveals his mother’s quirks, like fussing over food and oversharing to perfect strangers. Eventually, this quality time helps them both begin to see each other more clearly, and forms a new, more equitable bond.

Every scene is full of dry humor; the acting of Debbie Reynolds is exquisitely subtle and sophisticated, moving from the stereotypical “mom” to a real, fascinating person.

Visit for all the details of the full season. Don’t miss James Stewart in Harvey on Thursday, June 6.


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