Business Buzz: Bark Fit Canine Training

Published: March 24, 2019 at 07:00 am


Business name: Bark Fit LLC

Address: 1 Johnnie Cake Lane, Newtown, CT 06470

Owner: Graham Ingels

Background: Bark Fit Cananie Training LLC owner and founder Graham Ingels has been a dog owner and dog lover virtually all his life. The former Masuk High School educator, now retired, recently decided to take his competition-level passion for training and working with his own German Shepherd dogs to the next level. He is available for consultation on a variety of concerning issues, including bad canine behavior; aggression; helping owners understand and handle high energy breeds; and teaching dog owners to apply basic skills like sitting, staying, walking on and off leash; and he can also consult with dogs being acquired for specific duties like home and family protection.

Business focus: Mr Ingels unflinchingly admits that he “speaks dog,” and that while a disrespectful or misbehaving canine may mean the world to its frustrated owner, as he has traveled and trained his own dogs for internationally recognized Schutzhund / IPO competitions — as well as many dogs for friends and clients — he has discovered, “there really are very few bad dogs.” His services are available on a flexible on-call or by-appointment schedule, and while he sets his rates by the hour, he said he often extends that time at no extra cost if he sees his “student” responding well to the training. Mr Ingels typically asks to assess and train dogs in their home environments, so he has no formal training facility.

Hours: By appointment


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Phone/Reservations: 203-217-2728

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