Business Buzz: The Foundry Kitchen And Tavern

Published: April 14, 2017 at 12:00 am


Business name: The Foundry Kitchen and Tavern

Address: 1 Glen Road, Sandy Hook

Owners: Clark and Kate Neugold

Business background: On Tuesday, April 4, Mr and Ms Neugold officially reopened The Foundry Kitchen and Tavern as the restaurant's new owners.

Both grew up in Fairfield County and attended Western Connecticut State University. After graduation, the couple moved to Hawaii for five years and got married. During that time, Mr Neugold pursued his passion of becoming a professional chef and attended culinary school there.

He gained hands-on experience crafting his culinary skills while working as sous chef for celebrity chef Lee Anne Wong in Honolulu. He helped her open her two newest restaurants.

After life on the islands, the couple decided to moved to Charleston, S.C., for a year. It was there Mr Neugold worked at Sean Brock's Minero Restaurant and also as sous chef at Bill Murray's new restaurant, Harold's Cabin.

However, when they heard of the opportunity to own The Foundry as their first restaurant endeavor, they decided to moved back to Connecticut and call Sandy Hook home.

"It was just too perfect to pass up," said Mr Neugold. "It's like a homecoming party for us. We have been traveling for the past six years now, learning and doing everything we can."

The couple is excited to share what they have gained from their travels and bring it to the community they care deeply for.

"We just love the building, we love Chris Bruno [previous owner of The Foundry], we love the staff, the whole feel of this place, and the community," Ms Neugold said. "I also think that with Clark - he's modest, but - he's a great chef and living in Hawaii and Charleston really brought a cool cuisine into his life."

Business focus: With Ms Neugold working the front of the house and organizing the behind-the-scenes aspects of the restaurant, Mr Neugold will be The Foundry's new chef.

"Come summertime we will do a whole new menu. We have new drinks we are working on, and new beers we will be selling," said Mr Neugold.

In the warmer months, there will also be more options available like spring salads, dumplings, and new brunch items.

Ms Neugold said they are looking forward to getting involved with more farms to get a lot of fresh, local produce.

Ultimately, the couple wants to keep The Foundry similar to what has already been established, while also putting their personal touches on the restaurant.

"We want it to be everyone's favorite gathering place," Mr Neugold said. "Where people can forget their troubles for a little bit and enjoy great drink and food and have amazing service."

Important to know: As new owners, Mr and Ms Neugold want to assure customers that The Foundry that they know and love will not be taken away from them. They assure customers that it is going to be the same level of service and aesthetics, just updated to incorporate all that they have learned in their travels.

"It is already so great, it will just get so much better," said Ms Neugold.

Mr Neugold emphasized that they both love The Foundry, too, and it was a main reason they chose to own it. He added, "People love it so much already, we just want to make sure people continue to love it."

Near future promotions, events, seasonal specials: The official ribbon cutting ceremony will take place at The Foundry on Wednesday, April 19, at 5:15 pm, and will include a champagne toast and appetizers.

Also, Mr Neugold said in addition to customers being able to use the newly renovated upstairs dining section for private parties, the space will also be utilized during the week for future drink and food pairing events.

"During the week, I really want to start doing paired foods - whiskey dinners, wine tastings, stuff like that to get some fun things going during the week," said Mr Neugold.

Outside the restaurant, The Foundry will be represented at the 4th Martini Madness Tasting & Competition, taking place at the Newtown Country Club on April 27.

Ms Neugold said they will be showcasing their sweet and spicy martini that their general manager created.
Hours: Monday through Saturday lunch is 11:30 am to 4:30 pm; Monday through Saturday dinner is 4:30 pm to 1 am; Sunday Brunch is 11 am to 3 pm; Sunday Dinner is 3 pm to 1 am.


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