Choosing The Decisionmakers

Published: November 02, 2017 at 12:00 am


To the Editor:

On Tuesday, November 7, we will be deciding who shapes our town for the next two to four years. We are choosing who will decide how to: pave our roads, support our seniors, determine how our town should be developed, educate our children, and provide many other services we rely on. We will also be electing other volunteers who scour through requested budgets that fund these services, and who then have to decide how to best balance between the services requested and the amount of funding to ask our taxpayers to provide.

If you want a say in how our town develops and how we provide services to all members of our community, please vote. You can find sample ballots at: www.newtown-ct.gov/sites/newtownct/files/uploads/2017_sample_municipal_ballot.pdf. There, you will see four pictures. The first three show one side of the ballot depending on what district you live in, as noted in the top right box. (If you do not know what district you are in or where to vote, contact the town clerk, telephone: 203- 270-4210 or online: www.newtown-ct.gov/town-clerk, or the registrar of voters, telephone: 203-270-4250 or online: www.newtown-ct.gov/registrar-voters) The last picture shows the other side of the ballot, and is the same regardless of district. The only differences between districts during odd numbered years - i.e., local elections - are the candidates for the Legislative Council. The names of the write-ins do not appear on the ballot. If you wish to vote for Ann LoBosco, you need to fill in the oval in square 7D and write Annie. To vote for me, Deborra Zukowski, you need to fill in the oval in square 14D and write Deb Z.

It is important that we pick leaders who will represent all of us so, again, please vote. If you do not know who the candidates are, The Newtown Bee has provided candidate profiles in the 10/20 and 10/27 print editions of the paper, as well as online at https://newtownbee.com/. In addition, friends and colleagues of candidates have been writing letters, published in The Bee since late September. Letters and articles can be found online by going to The Bee website and typing in the candidate's last name in the search box just above the ads on the right side.

So please take a few minutes on Tuesday, November 7, to cast a vote. Your vote will help guide the future of our town for every resident.

Deborra Zukowski
4 Cornfield Ridge Road, Newtown           November 1, 2017

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