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Connecticut State Police Release SHES After Action Report

Published: January 12, 2018 at 12:00 am


The Newtown Bee has received a copy of the Connecticut State Police Sandy Hook Elementary School After Action Report, January 12, regarding the tragedy of December 14, 2012, along with the following statement:

"In the months following the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the Connecticut State Police (CSP) commenced the process of compiling an After Action Report to assess its response as a law enforcement agency to the active shooter situation that overtook Newtown and to identify opportunities to improve upon past practices. Feedback was solicited from dozens of individuals notably, responding troopers, agency support personnel, other state and local agencies, and family members of victims. The many responses that we received guided the writing of the report released today. The CSP is committed to continuous improvement and to that end, we collected and considered the many ways to improve training and inform policy and procedures. A number of the recommendations in this report have already been implemented, and others are in process. For example, one of the challenges noted in the report was the inability to communicate with other first responders due to limited cell capability. DESPP [Department of Emergency  Services and Public Protection] is working on behalf of the state to implement a broadband network for first responders, which will give priority and preemption for communication for first responders and emergency management during catastrophic incidents. Additionally, a number of the recommendations in the report proposed continuation of and enhancements to specific types of training, including crime scene management, medical, and active shooter tactical training, all of which have been integrated into CSP's training curriculum. Other recommendations are suggestions to continue certain procedures in place, and required no additional action. For the relatively few recommendations that have not yet been implemented, CSP will continue to incorporate the field's next and best practices as quickly as necessary and feasible. The Connecticut State Police will continue to strive towards excellence in all that it does, and glean as much as it can from this tragedy and others occurring in the country and around the world."

Further information will follow.

The  full report can be viewed at

While the report is focused on issues and recommendations to assess the response of the state police, some readers may find portions of the report disturbing.

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