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Weddings are big news you want to share. Help us to help you share that news in a timely manner. Announcements are printed in The Newtown Bee free of charge for residents of Newtown and their immediate relatives and for former residents.

Please take note of just a few things we need your help with:

Wedding announcements must be returned to The Bee within six months of the wedding date to be considered for publication. Announcements later than that will not be considered.

Please note you do not have to submit a photograph by a professional photographer for your wedding announcement. The photo can be taken by a family member or friend; it just needs to be to your liking . Original or digital color or black and white photographs are accepted.

Be sure to include a daytime phone number and/or email address at the end of this form so that we can reach you for clarification if necessary. Use this form as a guideline for your wedding announcement; fill in as much or as little as you want.

Wedding Announcement

One file only.
5 GB limit.
Allowed types: txt pdf jpg.

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