Continued Concerns For Hawleyville

Published: September 19, 2018 at 10:30 am


To the Editor:

I submitted a letter to the editor last week regarding the current and proposed development in the Hawleyville area near exit 9.

I wanted to add that a couple of years ago, in a failed attempt to prevent the building of 180 apartments and mega church in Covered Bridge Road, my neighbors and I raised concern at the possibility of a gas station being built at the corner of Covered Bridge Road and 13 Hawleyville Road. We were told at a P&Z meeting that that would not happen. The zoning would be changed to allow the apartments and church, but not changed to the type of zoning to allow a gas station because that was not what was needed/wanted in Hawleyville. My how that’s changed — apparently now we not only need one gas station, but maybe two within 2000 feet of each other in this location!

This is the type of action that makes me doubt/distrust anything P&Z does. It seems they are more concerned with the almighty dollar than preserving the character of the town and specific neighborhoods.

Thank you,

Janet McKeown

10 Hillcrest Drive, Newtown         September 19, 2018


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