'Dan Rosenthal Is Your Guy'

Published: October 13, 2017 at 12:00 am


To the Editor:

These are difficult political times. [We are] not making a specific statement about one politician or one party, as we can all likely agree that the country feels polarized, with few promising glimpses of bridging the divide. Here is some good news: we, as residents of Newtown, have the extraordinary opportunity to buck this trend on November 7, as we elect a first selectman for our town. Why? Because we can elect Dan Rosenthal.

*Sick of political nastiness? Great! Dan Rosenthal is your guy. He refuses to participate in negative political banter and instead only focuses on the issues.
*Tired of high taxes? Great! Dan Rosenthal is your guy. He is dedicated to being the agent of change, with a promise to focus on much-needed local business development in the future.
*Do you have kids? Great! Dan Rosenthal is your guy. Dan (and Meri) [are parents] to three wonderful, kind, smart and engaged kids. His parenting reflects his dedication to our youth.
*Love your hometown of Newtown? Great! Dan Rosenthal is your guy. Dan will be third generation first selectman. While his political views are his own and not the same as his dad's or grandfather's, Dan has an intimate knowledge of the job and its requirements. He also loves Newtown.
*Do you feel unrepresented by your elected officials? Great! Dan Rosenthal is your guy. Dan spends countless hours every week going door-to-door listening to what is worrying residents and what is important to them.
*Are you a member of the Republican party? Great! Dan Rosenthal is your guy as he is willing to listen to everyone who has something to say… not just those in his own party. (Are you a Democrat? That works, too).
*Tired of political scandals on the news? Great! Dan Rosenthal is your guy. He is 100 percent committed to the acting with integrity in all that he and his campaign does. It's rare these days and truly worthy of note.

Can't go wrong with Dan Rosenthal for first selectman on November 7.

Barb and Sean Patrick
95 Boggs Hill Road, Newtown         October 13, 2017

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