Delicious Rafters Raised At Sandy Hook School

Published: December 25, 2009 at 12:00 am


Delicious Rafters Raised At Sandy Hook School

Parents and family members of Sandy Hook School first grade students visited the school last week to help their students decorate ginger bread houses.

First grade classrooms decorated houses at different times and on different days last week. In Kaitlin Roig’s classroom, students decorated their gingerbread houses on Friday, December 18.

Ms Roig told her students the base for their constructions would be two milk cartons, and, once they had received a base for their construction, students were told to first spread icing on one side of each milk carton to stick them together. Next, students were told to spread icing on the bottom of the cartons, to adhere them to the base, and then students spread icing on the remaining sides of the cartons.

When all sides were covered in icing, the first grade students, with the help of their visitors, used candy and Graham Crackers to form their houses.

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