'Dust' Removal At ETH

Published: October 02, 2017 at 12:00 am


To the Editor:

In response to Mr Catalina's letter in The Newtown Bee Letter Hive, dated September 22, 2017 ("Overreaching On Edmond Town Hall Concerns"):

I have spoken with Mr Catalina and believe he did everything as far as public safety to correct the problem with the questionable "dust" on the gym floor, once he was aware of the dust.

However, the gym exhaust fan has been in use since 1930 by anyone who rents the gym. When it is hot, the renters simply turn on the huge fan in the attic to suck the hot air out to stay cool. The electrical switch is in the gym. There is no possibility that "the old air handlers" could have been the cause of the dust. The exhaust fan gets used all the time. No dust would have been allowed to collect in them (the old air handlers).

The door to the boiler room was removed during the demolition and asbestos abatement process. The corridor was closed shortly after the dust was found on the gym floor, and the exhaust fan to the gym was disconnected after the dust was found on the gym floor.

The exhaust fan was turned on by one of the renters and the big fan sucked dust from the boiler room onto the gym floor. The people in charge of the boiler room abatement were unaware of the gym exhaust fan.

If the dust was only "household dust," as Mr Catalina said in his letter, then why not have the three Edmond Town Hall workers just mop it up?

Why was an outside company called in to clean up the dust? What was being cleaned up by the outside cleaning company? Where did the dust go?

Glenn Hopper
279 Chain Trail, Southbury         October 2, 2017

Editor's note: Mr Hopper is a former Edmond Town Hall employee - "Issues At Edmond Town Hall," The Newtown Bee Letter Hive, September 15, 2017.

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