Fire Reports | September 6-12, 2018

Published: September 13, 2018 at 04:45 pm


The dispatchers at the Newtown Emergency Communications Center at Town Hall South at 3 Main Street report the following fire calls and the responders:

Thursday, September 6: 8:06 am, residential fire alarm, 1 Indian Hill Lane, Sandy Hook and Botsford responded; 11:17 am, commercial fire alarm, 40 Church Hill Road, Hook & Ladder, and Sandy Hook responded; 7:27 am, medical assist, 66 Church Hill Road, Hook & Ladder responded;

Friday, September 7: motor vehicle accident (MVA) with injury, area of Wasserman Way at Berkshire Road, Sandy Hook responded; 5:37 pm, residential fire alarm, Willow Brook Lane, Dodgingtown;

Saturday, September 8: 1:47 am, residential fire alarm, Poverty Hollow Road, Dodgingtown responded; 6:51 am, hazardous condition, I-84 West between Exits 9 and 8, Hook & Ladder responded; 6:15 pm, CO detector, Curry Drive, Hook & Ladder responded;

Sunday, September 9: 4:29 am, MVA with extrication and injuries, I-84 East between Exits 9 and 10 (click through link for photos and details), Hawleyville and Hook & Ladder responded; 6:37 am, odor of gas inside, Old Tavern Road, Dodgingtown responded; 8:48 am, public service, 28 Riverside Road, NUSAR covered; 11:06 am, public service, 39 South Main Street, Sandy Hook covered; 6:00 pm, residential fire alarm, Canterbury Road, Sandy Hook responded;

Monday, September 10: 12:34 am, medical assist, Fern Lane, Botsford responded; 8:36 am, commercial fire alarm, 9 Covered Bridge Road, Hawleyville and Hook & Ladder responded; 8:53 am, MVA with possible extrication, Hanover Road at Silver City Road (click through link for photo and details), Hook & Ladder responded; 12:05 pm, residential fire alarm, Horseshoe Ridge Road, Sandy Hook and Hook & Ladder responded; 12:43 pm, commercial fire alarm, Berkshire Road, Sandy Hook and Botsford responded; 5:35 pm, wires down, area of Parmalee Place and Parmalee Hill Road, Hook & Ladder responded; 5:53 pm, public service, Watkins Drive, Sandy Hook covered; 6:19 pm, wires down, Bari Drive, Botsford responded; 10:17 pm, medical assist, I-84 East between Exits 11 and 13, Sandy Hook responded;

Tuesday, September 11: 7:44 am, commercial fire alarm, Nunnawauk Road, Hook & Ladder and Botsford; 9:07 am, public service, Main Street flagpole, Hook & Ladder covered; 11:36 am, commercial fire alarm, Dodgingtown Road, Dodgingtown, and Hook & Ladder responded; 4:41 pm, residential fire alarm, Loveland Drive, Sandy Hook and Botsford responded; 7:04 pm, public service, Main Street flagpole, Hook & Ladder covered;

Wednesday, September 12: 8:57 am, MVA with injury, I-84 West between Exits 11 and 10, Sandy Hook responded; 9:58 am, wires down, area of South Main Street and Botsford Hill Road, Botsford responded; 6:53 pm, hazardous condition, area of Boggs Hill Road and Sugar Street, Hook & Ladder responded; 9:09 pm, MVA with injury, Bennetts Bridge Road just in from Berkshire Road, Sandy Hook responded.


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