Garner Inmates Arrested In Prisoner Assault Incidents

Published: November 23, 2012 at 12:00 am


Garner Inmates Arrested In

Prisoner Assault Incidents

State police report that two violent incidents involving inmates occurred at Garner Correctional Institution, the state’s high-security prison at 50 Nunnawauk Road.

State police said that on the afternoon of November 15, a 28-year-old inmate was assaulted by inmate Lloyd Morgan, 48. 

Morgan assaulted the victim while the victim was waiting to speak to a counselor at the prison, state police said.

State police charged Morgan with third-degree assault. Morgan was arraigned in Danbury Superior Court on November 16. He is scheduled to enter a plea when he returns to court on December 3.

Morgan is serving a 15-year sentence in Garner on a drug sales conviction. 

In another incident, on the morning of November 10, Garner inmate Edward Cruz, 35, got into a fight with two other inmates, one of whom is age 47 and the other is age 28, according to state police.

The 28-year-old man received a black eye. The 47-year-old inmate suffered a significant head injury, resulting in his transport to Danbury Hospital for medical treatment, state police said.

On November 14, state police charged Cruz with first-degree assault and third-degree assault. Cruz was arraigned on the charges on November 15 in Danbury Superior Court, at which time he pleaded not guilty to both offenses. He is scheduled to return to court on December 19.

Cruz is serving a three-year sentence in Garner on a robbery conviction.

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