A Handy Dandy Presentation

Published: February 06, 2019 at 05:45 pm


To the Editor:

All are invited to the Chamber room of the Newtown Municipal Center on Wednesday, February 13, at 5 pm, to hear Peter Brady, president of Handy Dandy Handyman.

Peter’s presentation will cover the organization of services designed to support those who need help in order to continue living in their current home here in Newtown. The mission of the Handy Dandy Handyman is:

“The corporation is organized and will be operated exclusively for charitable purposes, more particularly to provide assistance and/or services to people in Connecticut who for whatever reason are unable to obtain assistance or services on their own or with their own resources. It is the mission of the corporation to help those in need in a way that helps those in need maintain their dignity, self-esteem, and/or physical well-being.”

His service has provided help to elderly, disabled, and/or economically challenged individuals throughout the region over the past 20 years. Friends of Newtown Seniors (FONS) is currently exploring ways to bring this kind of service to Newtown on an ongoing basis. Chore services provide a range of services, from changing a light bulb or raking leaves to minor (in some cases major) home repairs.

FONS continues to work with the Town of Newtown and various public and private agencies to provide support for those who wish to remain in Newtown and to age in place. As part of the Newtown Livable Community initiative, we hope to organize a chore service here in Newtown. Peter’s vast experience and expertise will make for not only an interesting discussion but a framework for how Newtown might move forward. Again, all are welcome.

John S. Boccuzzi, Sr

Queen Street, Newtown         February 6, 2019


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