Our Future Is Bright

Published: May 13, 2019 at 01:50 pm


To the Editor:

The concerns about the future of the Senior Center (expressed in January letters to The Bee and during meetings with the first selectman on January 11th and February 6th) have diminished. The evidence is the increased membership enrollment since the new year began. As of May 7th, 80 members have joined (many are former members who have returned), bringing total active membership to 452. The current enrollment is a result of an extensive audit of the membership log. Many long-inactive members were purged from the system while others were updated to record information needed for medical emergencies. E-mail addresses were added in order to utilize Constant Contact (ongoing news updates) and newsletter mailings. Recently, the membership eligibility age was lowered to 55. This, coupled with additional programs and many one-day excursions, continues to attract more seniors. Although there have been no physical changes to the current center, the optimistic atmosphere and morale are obvious.

Additional programs are being explored and will be added once the new center is opened: larger rooms for yoga and exercise, and possible outdoor activities like pickleball and bocce ball will continue to increase membership. Current plans also include a coffee (and maybe soup) bar.

As a newly appointed full board member of the Commission on Aging, I look forward to working with the Director of Human Services and listening to the ideas Newtown seniors have. Together, we will continue to make the future bright and positive for OUR (Onward, Upward, Retired) citizens.

I encourage everyone to read the Newtown Senior Center newsletter available online [at www.newtown-ct.gov/senior-center].

Lawrence Passaro

10 Flat Swamp Road, Newtown         May 13, 2019


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