Roof Repairs Protect House, Buoy Spirits

Published: January 12, 2019 at 06:00 am


Dawn Gerrity had been meaning to have the leaking, rotted roof on her house fixed for quite a long time.

Chronically wet interior conditions caused by rainfall and melting snow, which were compounded by the destructive action of squirrels, recently led her to seek out a home repair firm that could suitably fix the 1935 Cape-style house on Waterview Drive in the Riverside section of Sandy Hook.

Ms Gerrity explained that a good friend of hers had his home’s roof replaced by Mark Edwards Roofing & Siding LLC and was quite satisfied with the job that the roofers had done. Hopeful that the firm could make the needed roof repairs at her home, Ms Gerrity said she contacted the company, asking that it check the house to find out what needed to be done.

After inspecting the premises in mid-December, Mark Edwards, the firm’s proprietor, said the company could do the job, Ms Gerrity explained. “Just consider it a Christmas gift,” Mr Edwards then told her, offering to do the work for free.

On the morning of Friday, January 4, a crew of five, including Mr Edwards, surprised Ms Gerrity when they appeared unannounced at her house and then started work to repair the damaged roof.

The extent of repairs needed was greater than initially thought, as it was learned that some of the house’s framing beneath the roof needed to be replaced. The roofers did that repair work as well, also at no cost.

Ms Gerrity noted that her insurance firm would not cover the repair costs, stating that the damage was caused in part by animals, a situation not covered by her insurance policy.

Mr Edwards explained that his Newtown-based firm has been successful, installing 219 roofs in 2018, of which about 90 of those roofs are in Newtown.

On making the roof repairs for free, Mr Edwards said his firm helps people who need help.

“We help people... We pay it forward,” he said.

“It was a Christmas gift to me... I’m just flabbergasted,” Ms Gerrity said.


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