Summer Camps Activities 2019: EverWonder Introduces New STEAMy Summer Programs

Published: March 13, 2019 at 07:00 am


EverWonder Children’s Museum will be hosting a variety of camps this summer geared toward STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) development for children ages 4 through 10.

The museum has created five brand new programs, in addition to bringing back its beloved Kitchen Science Camp.

EverWonder Executive Director Merredith Christos says the camps support the museum’s mission “to cultivate a lifelong love of learning in children by encouraging them to think, inquire, and wonder about the world around them.”

“Our goal is to fuel the next generation of STEAM scientists, researchers, engineers, artists, mathematicians, and more!” she adds.

Creative Coding

The first camp of the season will be Creative Coding, offered July 1 through 3 and to resume on July 5, from 9 am to noon each day.

For children ages 4 to 6, they will get to meet EverWonder’s coding robots, Dash and Dot.

“Dash and Dot are designed to help [children] learn computer science and robotics in a fun, interactive way. Campers will work in teams to personalize and design their robots, learn to code through various games and programs, create puzzles and mazes, and become Dash and Dot experts,” the course description details.

For the Creative Coding junior group, ages 7 to 10, Dash and Dot will be used to explore robotics, programing, coding, creating mazes and challenges for peers to complete, and making a robot music video.

Creative Coding, for both age groups, has a fee of $180 for members and $200 for nonmembers.

Kitchen Science

Those interested in the science of food can whip up some knowledge and fun during Kitchen Science at EverWonder, July 15 through 19, from 9 am to noon.

“This fun- and flavor-filled program will engage campers in an exploration of food science through hands-on, taste bud-activiting experiments that will help kids understand the science behind food and cooking,” the course description says, for ages 4 to 6.

Campers ages 7 to 10 will also learn about kitchen products’ chemical reactions and what mixtures go into making different foods.

Both age groups for Kitchen Science will end the week by making peanut-free, homemade ice cream to enjoy.

Kitchen Science, for both age groups, has a fee of $220 for members and $240 for nonmembers.

STEAM Around The World

Running July 29 through August 2, from 9 am to noon, STEAM Around the World will ignite young traveler’s curiosity of what is beyond their own backyard.

“Campers will use their Explorer Passport to learn all about STEAM from different regions of the world. Each day, we will investigate a different part of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) with fun activities and creative learning,” the course description explains, for all age groups.

STEAM Around The World, for both age groups, has a fee of $220 for members and $240 for nonmembers.

Everything EverWonder

Campers can be entertained by the many resources the museum has to offer during Everything EverWonder Camp that is offered August 12 through 16, from 9 am to noon.

“Explore EverWonder’s exhibits and become our youngest curators. Each day spotlights different [STEAM] activities of the museum, including dinosaurs, weather, art, engineering, and animals,” the course description for all age groups explains.

The junior camp group will even get a special behind-the-scenes look at how EverWonder works.

Everything EverWonder, for both age groups, has a fee of $200 for members and $220 for nonmembers.

Summer For Everyone

EverWonder will be offering sensory friendly days this summer, every Monday afternoon, from 1 to 4 pm, called Summer for Everyone. During the camp there will be two certified special education (SPED) teachers who will lead experiments and activities for the children. Camp fee is $130.

For additional information, contact info@everwondermuseum.org.

Random Hacks of Kindness Junior

There will also be a new camp called Random Hacks of Kindness Junior, at a date and time to be determined.

For more information, EverWonder requests contacting Patrice Gans at 203-263-0396 or reesegans@gmail.com. Camp fee is $120.


Registration is now open and can currently be completed by visiting the museum at 31 Pecks Lane or by calling 203-364-4009 (registration will be available online closer to the start of camps).

Those who register before the Early Bird deadline of April 1 can receive $20 off the camp’s fee. EverWonder also has $10 discounts for those who sign up multiple campers and a multiple week discount of $20 off.

“All EverWonder summer programs include a T-shirt, supplies, and museum admission for the week,” Ms Christos said.

For more information on EverWonder Children’s Museum, visit everwondermuseum.org. To make a donation to support children in these summer programs, e-mail Merredith Christos at mchristos@everwondermuseum.org.

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