McCain And Founders Knew How To Compromise

Published: August 28, 2018 at 08:11 am



To the Editor:

Brett Kavanaugh is an originalist. He believes in the original words in the Constitution and the meaning the original founders gave them.

However, the people who wrote and voted for the Constitution were compromisers. Some believed in a strong national government some in a weak government, some in a strong US Army, some in strong local militias, some believed in slavery, some didn’t. They were compromisers, like John McCain. They believed in a “more perfect union.” They knew they weren’t perfect.

Kavanaugh thinks he knows what the founders believed in, even though they all believed different things. We need people like John McCain and the founders on the Supreme Court, especially now — people who know they don’t have all the answers but can compromise on a solution; people who can make decisions which allow all the people to “pursue happiness.”

This isn’t Brett Kavanaugh, by his own admission.

Richard Eigen

35 St George Place, Sandy Hook         August 28, 2018


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