More Election Coverage Pending, Votes Tallied Show Bolinsky Wins By Small Margin

Published: November 07, 2018 at 08:01 am


Around 6:10 am on November 7, Democratic Newtown Registrar of Voters LeReine Frampton notified The Newtown Bee that incumbent 106th District Republican State Rep Mitch Bolinsky overcame challenger Rebekah Harriman-Stites by 145 votes. With that announcement, Rep Bolinsky will serve another — his fourth — term to represent Newtown in the Connecticut General Assembly.

A recount is not anticipated.

Around 7:45 Wednesday morning, Ms Harriman-Stites conceded the race via a post on her Facebook page, saying that she had just left a message for Mr Bolinsky, congratulating him.

"I hope he will work hard, reaching across the aisle, to truly represent Newtown in the way we deserve to be represented over the next two years," her statement said in part.

"I am still so hopeful that we can work together to bring forward important issues to create the best Newtown, the best Connecticut, possible.

"145 votes. Every loss is painful, but I am so incredibly proud of the campaign that we all ran. Together. It was never about me — it was about all of us, investing time, effort, energy, and hope ... so much hope.

"And that is not lost. I know that the energy we generated, the issues we brought forward, and the integrity with which we carried ourselves was noticed," it continued.

While she did not pick up the state representative seat, Ms Harriman-Stites said, she is not done serving her hometown. 

"I will continue to serve you on the Board of Education. I will do everything I can to continue working as hard as I can to impact change. And I ask you to do the same," Ms Harriman-Stites continued. "Our voices are important. Do not ever doubt that. Be proud of what we accomplished. I know I am."

According to the Office of the Registrar, when polls closed Tuesday night, 13,420 of Newtown's 17,707 eligible voters had gone to the polls. That's a 75.79% turnout rate, before counting in the estimated 1,100 to 1,200 absentee ballots reportedly cast.

Read more ongoing election coverage at, and see a full recap in the November 9 print edition.


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