Newtown Bee Candidates’ Forum Is An Opportunity For Learning

Published: October 11, 2018 at 04:30 pm


It is easy to be apathetic in a political environment that seethes with distrust and mind-numbing accusations. Politics at a more local level are far less inflammatory, though, and decisions made by the town and state officials are more directly felt. Voters who make the effort to get to the polls will determine who will represent all of us at the state and national levels. Voting is a right that is too often not exercised, even by those who are registered. Blame political fatigue — or a lack of understanding of politicians’ viewpoints.

When people feel that they have heard from and been heard by candidates, voting with confidence is more likely. Plenty of mailers and news blasts have circulated in recent weeks, but there is nothing like the opportunity for a brief one-on-one meeting or hearing candidates’ opinions on matters that matter to you, in person.

The Newtown Bee is hosting a Candidates’ Forum on Tuesday evening, October 23, at Edmond Town Hall. From 6:30 to 7 pm, State Representatives Mitch Bolinsky and Will Duff, state representative candidates Rebekah Harriman-Stites and Raghib Allie-Brennan, Representative JP Sredzinski, State Senator Tony Hwang, and Senatorial candidate Michelle McCabe will be on hand to greet attendees.

The next hour and a half that follows will be an opportunity to learn about the candidates’ positions on various subjects. The representative participants will respond to questions our paper has solicited from the public. The candidates will not have seen the questions prior to the event — not because we wish to put anyone on the spot, but because we believe all of the candidates are well-versed in the issues important to the people they will represent.

The Newtown Bee continues to seek questions to be considered for this educational evening. Questions should be relevant to the office of state representative and Newtown. Send your questions to editor@thebee.com, with a subject line of Newtown Bee Forum Question, by Tuesday, October 16.

A well-informed public is one that can make wise decisions. Be confident that the politicians for whom you vote on November 6 are ones who have clearly answered your questions and stated his/her position on issues that can affect you in coming years.

We invite you to our Candidates’ Forum. Listen, learn, and above all, vote.

National Voter Registration Day took place the fourth Tuesday in September to register eligible voters. But unregistered, eligible voters can still register to cast a vote in the November 6 in Connecticut as late as the seventh day before the election if registering online or by mail, by the seventh day before the election date if registering in person, and it maybe possible to register to vote in person on Election Day at specific locations. Our Newtown Registrar of Voters can clarify any questions.

Out of town on Election Day? Absentee ballots are available at the Town Clerk’s office in the Municipal Center, and a special absentee voting day takes place there on Saturday, November 3.

Every vote, every voice matters.


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