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Published: October 19, 2017 at 12:00 am


Newtown Continuing Education
Newtown Continuing Education
Newtown Continuing Education announced it has limited openings available in the following classes. Contact Newtown Continuing Education at 203-426-1787, 9 am to 1 pm, Monday through Friday, for further information on dates, times, and location, or visit

Osteoporosis, It's Not Just About Taking Calcium - A one-class course is being offered on Tuesday, October 24, $29. Discussions in this class will include how to prevent and manage the disease and the difference between osteoporosis and osteopenia, who is at risk for developing the disease, how your doctor measures bone density and how diet, supplements, and exercise play a role in the disease.

The How-Tos Of Medicare - A two-class course starting Tuesday, October 24, $54. This is now an expanded class with two sessions, and it includes more Medicare plan analysis and discussion. It is designed for people approaching age 65 who have questions regarding Medicare and related medical, dental, vision, and long-term care insurance. It addresses the TV and media advertising, home mailers, and other information talking about Medicare Part A, B, and D Supplements and Advantage Plans, Red-White-Blue Books, and more.

The Wonderful World Of Edgar Allen Poe - A one-class course being offered on Tuesday, October 24, $59. The course is an introduction for those who would love to know more about one of America's most colorful authors and find out some interesting facts about his works of poetry and tales of mystery and his life.

Windows 10, An Overview - A one-class course being offered on Wednesday, October 25, $39. Microsoft Windows 10 has been available for about two years now, so there's a pretty good chance that people already have it, or that they are considering buying a new computer with Windows 10. Windows 10 has several significant user interface changes, a brand new browser (replacing Internet Explorer), a new digital assistant (called Cortana), and other changes as well. The class will offer helpful guidance and a demonstration and discussion of Windows 10.

Tax Free In Retirement - A one-class course being offered on Thursday, October 26, $29. Many Americans assume that their taxes in retirement will stay the same or go down. Unfortunately, for most this may not be the case. Historical federal tax rates have been as high as 91 percent in the 1950s, 70 percent in the 1970s, and 50 percent in the 1980s. Upon retirement, Social Security may be taxable as high as 85 percent to the recipient and required minimum distributions from retirement accounts also can create substantial taxable income. Include pensions, rental property income, capital gains, dividend, and interest income and the picture is somewhat unclear on future taxes. Join the class to learn about strategies that can help get closer to a tax free retirement.

Getting Paid To Talk, An Introduction To Professional Voice-Acting - A one-class course being offered on Monday, October 30, $39. From audio books and cartoons to documentaries, commercials, and more, this class will introduce people to the growing field of voice over. Learn what the pros look for, how to prepare, and where to find work in the local area. The class will discuss industry pros and cons and play samples from working voice professionals. In addition, students will have an opportunity to record a short professional script under the direction of the teacher. This class is lots of fun, realistic, and a great first step for anyone interested in the voice over field. For more information visit online.

Essential Oils Class Series - An interactive and informative course series on essential oils and how to use them to promote healthy living, and improve physical and emotional health. Each class includes take-homes, including samples, items made during class, and handouts. This is a four-part series on Wednesdays, $15 per class, or $55 for all four. No discounts apply. Intro to Essential Oils is being offered on November 1; Balancing Emotional Health with Essential Oils is being offered on November 8; Hands-On Essential Oils for Caregivers is being offered on November 15; and Green Cleaning with Essential Oils is being offered on November 29.

Confused About Medicaid? - A one-class course being offered on Wednesday, November 1, $29. There is much discussion today about Medicaid, its level of funding, changes, and qualification. Government and state funded Medicaid is a very complicated process, with spend downs, asset preservation, and family gifting as major considerations. This course will simplify the complexities, layout the process, terminology, and resources, and it will answer many questions. Remember, Medicaid and Medicare are separate but potentially related programs depending on individual situations.

Chakradance, Seven Keys To Freedom Series - A four-class course being offered on Thursdays starting November 2, $99. Students will burn calories, unwind, and find their inner compass, discovering their body-mind-spirit connection. Through guided imagery, spontaneous movement, and mandala art, each session restores balance to energy Chakras, which regulate physical organs and emotional attitudes towards safety, sexuality, power, love, communication, intuition, and self-realization. Students should bring a cushion.

Introduction To Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) - A one-class course being offered on Thursday, November 2, $29. Due to the popularity of lower cost, passive approaches to investing, EFTs now have combined assets of more than $2.8 trillion, with more choices than ever before. Attendees will learn how ETFs might be used as part of an overall investment strategy, and what potential risks and pitfalls to watch out for. This class is for educational purposes only, no products or services will be offered.

Ballroom Dancing - A one-class course being offered on Thursday, November 2, $52 per single and $99 per couple. Learn the Fox Trot, Waltz, Cha-Cha, and more with Joe Williams and Noni Low, who have been dancing together for over 21 years and teaching ballroom dance for beginners to advanced for 15 years. Their basic concept of ballroom dancing consists of having fun with easy to learn instructions. Couples and singles welcome.

Intrepid Museum & Grand Central Station - A bus trip to the Intrepid Museum and Grand Central Station, November 5, departs NHS at 8:30 am, $104. The USS Intrepid is an important part of America's history at sea, in the air, and in space. The Intrepid's role in history spans two major wars, the space program, and rescue and recovery efforts in the days following the attacks of September 11, 2001. Explore the 900-foot USS Intrepid. This aircraft carrier fought in World War II, served in the Cold War and the Vietnam War. Visit the Space Shuttle Pavilion and see the Space Shuttle Enterprise. Climb aboard the submarine Growler, the only American guided missile submarine open to the public. Prior to visiting the USS Intrepid, the group will have a guided tour of magnificent Grand Central Station, renovated to its 1914 glory. After the tour, there will be time to eat in one of the many cafes and restaurants. Note: There is a moderate amount of walking on this tour. No discounts apply.

Holiday Sparkle In The Big Apple - A bus trip to Manhattan, December 2, departs NHS at 9:30 am, $109. The city never looks more beautiful than at Christmas time and the day is planned to enjoy many wonderful highlights. The day will begin at Bryant Park for holiday shopping, with more than 125 boutique-like kiosks. Then a full course lunch at Buca Di Beppo in Times Square, a popular Italian eatery served family style. The menu will be house bread, mixed salad and Caesar salad, fettucine Alfredo, spaghetti marinara, Parmigiana, dessert, soft drinks, and coffee. Lunch will be followed by a two-hour guided riding tour of Manhattan's holiday lights with a New York City guide with stops along the way. The group will see the tree at Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue windows, and more. No discounts apply.

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