Old Year Brings The New Year Into Focus

Published: December 28, 2017 at 12:00 am


The new year is a time of personal reflection. We hold up a virtual mirror to our lives asking, "What do I see?" What changes have taken place since a year ago? Is there a determination to improve in the next 365 days?

At The Newtown Bee, it is a time of reflection, as well. Every day we ask ourselves, "Are we delivering the news that people want? How can we do better?" We consider thoughtfully the criticisms and praise we have received. Who has responded to us and how we have responded, and what is asked of us are important points that help direct us each day, each month, each year. Where we may have faltered, we vow to do better.

In the pages of this issue, we revisit the news that has filled our pages in 2017. It is a reminder of the issues that occupied our lives, the people who have goaded and guided us, creatures and creativity that filled our yards and homes. We are jolted out of complacency when we once again are made aware of the clubs, organizations, and individuals giving their time, money, and talents to make Newtown flourish.

We marvel at the skills of our neighbors. From the youngest entrepreneur to the experienced business person; from preschool paintings to art show professionals; from handy persons to culinary experts; from nascent poets to polished and published authors, we are reminded of the gifted people who populate our town.

The generosity of townspeople is apparent in reviewing stories that we have covered. Extraordinary effort goes into promoting and gathering holiday baskets for less fortunate residents; charities reap the benefit of support. Neighbors reach out to neighbors in times of great and lesser need. That this is a community of caring becomes much more aware on the second reading.

We are a community of activism, as well, reaching beyond our borders when national events have the potential to trickle down to our small village. We see that a strong belief that what is right can be given a voice at the local, state, and national levels. Opinions are given voice; whether humbling homage, withering evaluations, or brilliant observations, we welcome civil conversation online and in our Letter Hive.

At the end of each year, we marvel at the number of people who have opened up to us. We can appreciate once again the challenges overcome, the hope in the future, the ability of others to reveal the pain and beauty of life in Newtown - and we acknowledge how privileged we have been to share these stories.

A new year means new opportunities, new challenges, new insights, and a renewed commitment to our mission of delivering the news in an honest and straightforward manner as we share the wonders of our town. At The Newtown Bee, we contemplate a future of continued partnership with readers and the community, and wish all the very best in 2018.

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