People, Not Political Party

Published: October 05, 2018 at 10:30 am


To the Editor:

Some voters this November may be affected by the vitriol of the national political environment, and sadly, that practice has trickled down locally, as evident by the fear and smear campaigns adopted by many political operatives and unwitting participants who sow division and demeaning personal attacks.

Next month, I will vote for Tony Hwang to be my state senator. Tony has demonstrated by his experience and actions to be a unique leader that unites, not divides us. Those values are reinforced by his demonstrated commitment to his community and its people.

Tony takes his position as a commitment, not a privilege. He is the people’s Senator, always sharing, supporting, listening, and caring. Tony values the diversity in his constituency; He is always participating to offer his support, regardless of political affiliation. He is constantly engaged with the needs of his community.

We need this type of collaborative politician within the ranks of our currently volatile political environment. We need to support community leaders who work diligently to meet the interests and needs of all of their constituencies.

This is what Senator Tony Hwang represents. This is what Senator Tony Hwang is about. For all of this and more is why I will vote to return Tony Hwang as my state senator in Hartford.

Dr Ahmed Ebrahim

Old Stratfield Road, Fairfield October 2, 2018


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