Peppy And Proud At Newtown High School Rally

Published: November 09, 2018 at 07:00 am


Newtown High School capped its spirit week with the school’s annual pep rally on November 2 ahead of the Homecoming dance on November 5.

Students filled the bleachers in the school’s gymnasium for the Student Government organzed pep rally, and performances and games took place in the center of the room’s court. Performances were presented by student groups, including the NHS Singers XY Chromotones, NHS varsity cheerleaders, and NHS varsity Dance Team.

A talent show was also held. Students sang, one student demonstrated yo-yo techniques, another student played a recorder with his nose, and defending pep rally talent show champion Michael Sereday solved a Rubik’s Cube in his left hand while juggling with his right hand and walking around. Near the end of the rally, Michael was announced as this year’s talent show winner.

Games and challenges for students were also held at the rally. Students participated in a round of musical chairs, and one group worked hard to let all of its participants win, which resulted in a pile of students trying to fit on one chair. Other students participated in a “scooter bowling” challenge that had one student sit on a scooter while other students pushed them toward bowling pins. A relay game also had sports captains and leaders working through different challenges, like walking across the gymnasium while balancing a ball on a tennis racket.

Student sports and clubs leaders were highlighted during the event, and members of the NHS Best Buddies chapter held a brief dance party at the rally.

Throughout the week leading up to the rally, spirit week was celebrated with students and staff dressing up for different days. Themed days included America Day, Time-Warped Tuesday, and for October 31, Halloween was celebrated with everyone wearing costumes.

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