Police Seek Information On Stolen Auto Incident

Published: October 08, 2018 at 05:00 pm


Newtown police are seeking information from the public about the identity of people traveling in a stolen vehicle which engaged police in pursuit on the evening of Sunday, October 7, in Sandy Hook. There were no injuries in the incident.

Police report that about 5:30 pm, they spotted a vehicle traveling eastward on Berkshire Road (Route 34) near Toddy Hill Road, on which the marker plate did not match the vehicle. Police attempted to stop the auto to investigate, but its unknown driver engaged them in pursuit.

Police described the auto as a white 2018 Nissan Altima sedan, which had three or four occupants. Police did not have a description of the occupants.

The vehicle in question was later located on Sugarloaf Road and it was determined that it had been stolen from Brookfield. The occupants had fled the scene.

Both Newtown and state police tracking dogs were brought to the scene in an attempt to locate the people. A police search, however, did not find the people.

Police left the scene about 8 pm.

Police Patrol Officer Adam James is the investigator in the case. Contact the police  at 3 Main Street, telephone 203-426-5841, with any information regarding this case.


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