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Published: October 15, 2018 at 05:00 pm


To the Editor

I am writing this letter in support of the re-election of Mitch Bolinsky to the Connecticut General Assembly. Having known him for over ten years, I can attest that Mitch truly cares about this community, works tirelessly for its betterment, and is very responsive to constituent requests. Newtown is a community of diverse interests and needs. We are fortunate to have a representative that takes the time to ensure all voices are heard.

I appreciate his businesslike approach to addressing the delivery of government services. In his time in Hartford, Mitch has become an accomplished, respected leader who works to improve infrastructure, public education, and economic development.

Mitch has been tested and will know from the first day exactly what he is in office to do for the residents of Newtown. He reflects the constituents he serves: straight-talking, hard-working, and someone that seeks to reduce the burden of taxes while improving the quality of government services.

I appreciate the approach Mitch has taken with his campaign. He is not simply trying to step over from one term to another. He is starting from scratch, taking nothing for granted while reaching out to constituents to work his way back up again.

Newtown needs Mitch in Hartford.

Tom Long

3 Birch Rise Drive, Newtown         October 15, 2018


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