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Prank At Bank Results In Ticket To Employee

Published: January 12, 2018 at 12:00 am


Police said that a prank played by a worker at Wells Fargo Bank on the morning of Friday, January 12, resulted in them issuing an infraction ticket that carries a $103 fine to bank employee Alexis Barry, 31, of Newtown.

Police said Ms Barry was issued the infraction for creating a public disturbance. Under the terms of state law, Ms Barry can either pay the fine or challenge the charge in court.

Police said that at about 8:44 am they received a call from a person who had gone to the main entrance of the bank at 26 Church Hill Road and saw that someone had written the word "HELP" with their finger on the fogged glass of the outer entrance door. Fearing that someone was in trouble inside the bank, the person then placed a 911 call to police to alert them of the situation, police said.

Responding to the scene, police observed several vehicles parked just south of the bank and several people inside the bank conducting what appeared to be business as usual. The bank opens for business at 9 am.

Police knocked on the door and got the attention of the bank manager who let them inside, after which police advised the manager of the 911 call.

The bank manager told police that Ms Barry had written the word "HELP" on the fogged glass door "as a joke to other employees," police said.

Due to the potential to cause panic to the general public, police said they issued the infraction ticket. Patrol Officer Matthew Hayes investigated the incident.

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