Proven Experience And Dedication

Published: October 25, 2017 at 12:00 am


To the Editor:

I'm writing to express my support to re-elect Judit DeStefano to the Legislative Council for District 1. Judit's proven experience and dedication will continue to strengthen Newtown in the years ahead.

Since her election to Newtown's Legislative Council in 2015, Judit has made a sizable impact. She is a tireless supporter of quality education and youth services for the benefit of all Newtown. She is vocal about important issues, and she isn't afraid to take a strong stance. She listens to her constituents and her colleagues on the council, asks good questions, and makes sure she has a comprehensive understanding of issues before advocating a position. She works well across the aisle and across boards - an example of this being when she chaired the Charter Revision Communications Committee. She made sure voters had an opportunity to become educated on proposed changes before heading to the referendum. As vice chair of the Ordinance Committee, she has a hand in the development and review of important legislation vital to the town's operation. Overall, Judit listens to all sides and works collaboratively with colleagues to ensure a smooth process and positive outcomes.

Not only is Judit a key asset to the Legislative Council, she's also an active member of our wider community. A skilled writer, Judit has assisted with grant-writing and fundraising efforts for a multitude of local community organizations. She also volunteers at Hawley School, leading such exciting classroom activities as incubating baby chicks with the kindergartners.

I met Judit in 2003 when we taught at Joel Barlow High School. She has been one of my closest friends ever since. On November 7, please join me in supporting Judit DeStefano once again as a District 1 representative for Newtown's Legislative Council.

Barbara Sibley
39 Great Ring Road, Sandy Hook         October 25, 2017

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