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Resources Available To Work Through Traumatic Events

Published: February 15, 2018 at 12:00 am


Residents who are having any difficulty coping with the news that 17 people were killed on February 14 in a shooting at a high school in Parkland, Fla., are reminded that Newtown has a number of locations they can turn to for help in times like this.

Each person responds differently to traumatic situations. The staff and volunteers at the following locations know how to help, whether this is a recurring or new issue.

Newtown Youth & Family Services, at 15 Berkshire Road, has long offered mental health and support services. NYFS is a licensed nonprofit mental health clinic and youth service bureau (it is not a crisis center). It hosts a number of specialized services including counseling and support groups for individuals, couples and families.

Visit or call 203-270-4335 for additional information.

The Newtown Center for Support and Wellness (NCSW) connects residents with wellness resources through referrals and staff dedicated to helping individuals and families in need.

The center is at 28 Trades Lane, just inside Fairfield Hills via the campus entrance off Wasserman Way.

NCSW this morning on its Facebook page issued a statement of support for those in Parkland, along with thoughts for the families of Sandy Hook, "who live with this reminder every day, not just days when another tragedy occurs."

Anyone in the community is invited, the statement continued, to contact CSW at 203-270-9750.

In addition, CSW offered a link to "Tips For Survivors of a Disaster of Other Traumatic Event: Coping With Retraumatization," a publication by The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

The Resiliency Center of Newtown (RCN) issued a statement on its Facebook page Wednesday evening, "sending messages of hope, love and peace during this very difficult time" to the residents of Parkland. It also reminded residents that "RCN is here for you today and always."

RCN, at 153 South Main Street (the SBC Building, accessed through the lower rear entry), can be reached at 203-364-9750 and online at

They too offered an online resource, a link to "Helping Children Cope With Frightening News." The essay by Harold S. Koplewicz, MD, on the Child Mind Institute website, offers thoughts on what parents can do to help children process grief and fear in a healthy way.

Private counselors and therapists are also available in town, as are the leaders and support staff at the myriad houses of worship.


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