Senior Center Staycation: Hawaiian Party With Tropical Atmosphere

Published: August 10, 2018 at 12:00 am


Having been promised a Hawaiian party filled with music, refreshments and grass skirts, approximately 25 members of Newtown Senior Center showed up the afternoon of August 3 for a few hours of fun.

The work week was ending with another hot and humid day. Inside the senior center, the mood was tropical. Grass skirts adorned those brave enough to lead the dancing in the middle of the center's main room. Nearly every guest at the party had been given a lei.

Green plastic palms hung from the ceiling, and a few photo cutouts encouraged guests to take silly photos during the party. Colorful flowers and island images were also hung around the room, adding to the atmosphere.

José Paulo led the musical entertainment on Friday afternoon, playing keyboards supplemented by digital music and singing songs both familiar and unfamiliar. A big smile was flashed regularly while Mr Paulo performed.

Mr Paulo was joined by Kaena Michaels, who performed a few hula dances for the crowd. For a few songs, Ms Michaels hula danced for the crowd. With Mr Paulo performing a medley of Don Ho songs, she sashayed around the open dance space, her grass skirt smoothly accenting the movements of her hips.

Smiling toward the seniors seated at tables that had been moved into the side of the room, Ms Michaels moved her arms and hands fluidly, making the dance look effortless.

Later, she danced while Mr Paulo sang, and the party guests tapped coconut shells in a tempo Ms Michaels had taught before launching into that song.

A few games added to the fun, and refreshments with a tropical hint - fruit punch, fruit salad, and coconut cake - were also served.


SH_Hawaiian party at senior center 08 -- Paulo & dancers WATERMARKED

Entertainer Jose Paulo, right, led the entertainment for a Hawaiian party at Newtown Senior Center on August 3. Music and dancing, decorations, and refreshments were all part of the special event, enjoyed by about two dozen members of the center. Mr Paulo was also joined by Kaena Michaels, who performed hula dances and led participatory songs. 

-Bee Photos, Hicks

SH_Hawaiian party at senior center 01 -- Paulo WATERMARKED

Jose Paulo sang, played keyboards, led singing and dancing, and charmed those attending a Hawaiian-themed party at Newtown Senior Center on August 3.


SH_Hawaiian party at senior center 04 -- Michaels leading coconut song WATERMARKED

Coconut halves in hand (above), Kaena Michaels led a few participatory events during the August 3 Hawaiian party at Newtown Senior Center. For the performance shown here, Ms Michaels was dancing while also leading attendees in clapping coconut halves together in a rhythm she had taught them a few minutes earlier.

 SH_Hawaiian party at senior center 05 -- Marianne Corbo WATERMARKEDOne of the first to hit the dance floor Friday afternoon was Marianne Corbo.

SH_Hawaiian party at senior center 02 -- group dancing WATERMARKED

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