Students Become Teachers At SHS Makerspace Nights

Published: June 10, 2019 at 07:00 am


Students were teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School’s two makerspace nights, held May 21 and 23, when parents were invited for an evening of learning.

The first evening was held for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students, and the second night was held for third and fourth grade students. As students and families began arriving on May 21, Sandy Hook library/media specialist Katie Mauro, who organized the events; and school staff; and volunteers were ready to sign them in and let them venture to the stations.

Each station was set up with a different makerspace lesson, and students were tasked with showing their parents how to complete each lesson.

“Tonight, they are actually the teachers,” Ms Mauro said, bouncing between stations, checking that everything was set up as the evening began.

This was the second year the school hosted makerspace events. According to Ms Mauro, some of the stations were different for the older grade levels.

In one area on May 21, students were tasked with showing parents how to use Keva planks to build a ramp that could hold a Harry Potter book. In a hallway near the library/media center, Dash & Dot robots were available for students to show parents how to program the robots to move. Computers were set up in the library/media center for students to show parents how to use Kodable, a computer coding program for kids.

As parents and children interacted, lights on robots lit up, laughter could be heard, and triumphant phrases were proclaimed by students and parents alike.



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