Summer Camps Activities 2019: Two Coyotes Bring Camp ‘Experience Filled With Memories’

Published: March 13, 2019 at 07:00 am


Two Coyotes Wilderness School has been connecting children and teens with nature during its camp and homeschool programs for more than a decade.

This summer, Two Coyotes is offering campers ages 5 to 15 a variety of five-day programs at Holcomb Farm in Granby as well as locally at Sticks & Stones Farm in Newtown. The latter is a 60-acre family managed natural space located at 201 Huntingtown Road that has scenic hiking trails and the Stone Barn.

Weekly camp sessions run from 9 am to 3 pm, starting June 24 and ending August 23, and focus on different themes. Programs in 2019 include Advanced Survival; Scout Tracker; Feather, Fur, and Fin; Wild Botanicals; Fire, Wood, and Stone; Forest Stealth; Wildwood Adventurers, Apprentices, and Rangers; Woodland Arts; and Forts and Shelters.

Two Coyotes Program Director Stephanie Niles said, “Camp starts with a morning game and gratitude circle. Mornings are spent focusing on wilderness projects and learning skills such as building a shelter, making pottery, or learning how to sneak invisibly through the forest.

“After lunch, our afternoons are filled with storytelling, playing in the river, and games that apply the skills we learned in the morning. We close each day with a sharing circle and group song.”

Two Coyotes’ summer camps can accommodate 12 to 48 children (one to four groups) with two nature mentors assigned to each group of 12 children.

“Our mentors use the natural world to teach campers valuable life skills. We believe that nature is the perfect place for children to learn about their personal gifts and how to overcome life’s challenges. Campers learn wilderness skills and craft working tools that go way beyond arts and crafts,” Ms Niles said. “Our small group size and exceptional adult mentors ensure a high-quality experience filled with memories and new friendships.”

Registration is now open. Financial assistance and scholarships are available. To learn more about Two Coyotes Wilderness School’s summer camp programs, visit twocoyotes.org.

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